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Glory Ring-lock ø60 Shoring System
The 60 system scaffold is a common formwork support scaffold used in advanced countries such as Europe and the United States. It has the convenience of quick assembly, high load carrying capacity, can be adjusted to any height with the terrain and elevation requirements, and does not need to be mixed with other components, the joint is stable and safe, after combined 60 System, there are no necessary to distinguish strong and weak axis anymore.
Glory Ring-lock ø48 Scaffolding System
We used “Horizontal and Diagonal Ledger” Advancing Guard Rail methods, it can carry 75Kgf push and pull force, Compliance with the regulations “Building safety and sanitation standards”, the working space of the worker is 2 meters, and the working space is sufficient. We used Glory patent Horizontal Debris Netting to make the scaffold set up safer and faster. 48 System is convenient and fast at construction and demolition, high load capacity, can be adjusted to any height with terrain and elevation requirements, and it is safer and stable because the standard connector.
CNS 4750 Door Type Frame Scaffold
Advantages: The specified material size and strength increase the safety, meet the national safety standards, building quality, material requirements, increase the hardness of the steel, optimize the specifications, improve the work efficiency and reduce the problem of different quality.
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